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Pre/Post Natal Fitness

​When I was pregnant, it quickly became clear to me that there is little knowledge on the subject of exercise during pregnancy.  I've seen a lot of women scale back their workouts, and sometimes even stop altogether in fear of doing something harmful to the baby.

Safe (even intense) exercise is not only good, but great for you and your growing baby! After my experience of pregnancy I knew this was my next direction in personal training. I want to empower mommies-to-be to create a strong body - and as a result, create a strong baby and easier labor.

The passion I have for pre/post mommies is a visceral one!

I know I was put on this planet to help women stay healthy and fit during pregnancy, and give them the tools for a safe and fast delivery.


I became certified as a Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist in 2014. I have since trained pregnant mommies in the art of appropriate and challenging exercise to keep them and their babies fit and healthy for their own "marathon" of giving birth.

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for two frustrating years when we turned to Krista for help. She set me up on a diet plan to help stabilize my hormones and promote ovulation. Three months later we were pregnant!!!! Krista then advised me on safe and effective exercises throughout my pregnancy. I gained a minimal amount of weight because of a healthy diet, exercise and lots of water. I had a easy pregnancy and a perfectly healthy baby at 39. We are very grateful for the time she spent putting research into our needs and helping us reach our goals." 

"Krista has been a guide and support to me from the very beginning with nutritional guidance for a faster conception right through to labor and delivery. She encouraged me to stick to workouts in the early days of feeling tired and sick, taught me belly breathing, and helped me trouble shoot and manage pelvic girdle pain. She's been an incredible cheerleader and a great listener when all I needed was a safe space. I had my baby with only 20 minutes of pushing!! I know my connection with my body and core really helped me with a fast and safe delivery."

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