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Personal Training

I got certified in personal training when I was 23-years-old as a way to boost my resume - I never thought that certification would be my life's calling!

I am even more passionate now than I was 10 years ago about moving and sculpting people's bodies.

My clientele ranges from all ages and fitness levels.

I want to fully understand where you've been, where you are at, and where you want to be.

My philosophy around exercise is… challenging movement while functionally working all muscles groups, with a lot of sweat!

I guarantee a happier and healthier body every time you leave me.  

I am blessed to be working at Tucson Medical Center in their Optimal Results Gym. My cliental is limited to TMC employees, their family members and patient referrals.

“Krista Goodrich is extremely well versed in nutrition, fitness, and wellness. She changed my lifestyle and relationship to food for the better! I am able to manage my stress levels and wake up enjoying life more and more each day. She caters to each individuals needs in a very intuitive way. She is extremely motivating and holds me accountable always. I owe the success of my 14 year wellness/fitness journey to her!”


“Training with Krista IS personal! Yes, the work-outs are attuned to my physical needs and goals but more importantly, she “reads me” each session to see where I am physically and psychologically and adjusts the plan accordingly. Perhaps most importantly for someone like me who is older and hence a bit less resilient, Krista’s workouts are carefully structured for slow, steady progress and the results are evident. In fact, over the last several years I have gained muscle mass and strength, improved my flexibility and balance, and lost significant weight.”

"I have worked with Krista for over 10 years. With Krista’s help and encouragement, I have lost over 20 pounds but more importantly keep fit, drink my quota of water, eat clean (most always) and workout (always)."



"Krista has been my trainer for 15 years!  During that time I have had a better than 100 pound weight loss due to surgery.  Krista's role has been helping me maintain that loss and keeping my body strong.  Workouts with Krista have given me structure in my life. I never think about workouts. Krista takes care of it all.  I just walk in the gym doors!"


Krista has been my personal trainer for the last two years. My body stands straighter and stronger and is 20 pounds lighter. Each week she has a personalized core, strength and balance program ready for me. She is always encouraging and I know after each workout I'm going to feel great and motivated to keep on tract with my food plan...oh, and I'm 74 yrs old."

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